September 17th - 19th, 2021

Real Racers do it!

The return of the legendary race to the world famous race-track.


Bringing racing history to life

The most ultimate challenge in historic motorsports since 1953 in the green hell

Start zum 1000km Rennen Nürburgring 1956

All the great racing legends were victorious on the legendary track with Grand Prix part and Nordschleife until 1983. Ascari, Moss, P. Hill, Surtees, Siffert, von Trips, Ahrens, Peterson, Ickx, Merzario.

Stommelen, Heyer, Stuck, Alboreto, Mass, Redman, Wollek, Piquet, Patrese, Ludwig, Laffite, Fitzpatrick or Vic Elford.

The real 1000 km revival will offer a total distance of 26 kilometres per lap, almost 7 hours of racing, almost 40 laps of the Grand Prix circuit and the Nordschleife.

One of the greatest challenges for teams, for man and machine. 2021 the race returns to its real homeland. Be part of it!

The 1000 kilometers

Returning to the unique competition!

Every year in the long history of the 1000 kilometre races at the Nürburgring purely made history.

Ford GT beim 1000km Rennen Nürburgring 1964

Every edition in the long history of the 1000 kilometre races saw heroes and victories – made history!

Write your history!


We provide a preliminary schedule here – so it's easy to plan your race-weekend.

1000 km distance - Maximum 210 race cars – Race & Practice on Saturday

Divided into 3 starting grids.
At least 2 drivers must be named, up to 4 drivers can inscripe per vehicle.

1000 km Sprint Revival
Race on Friday and Demo-Laps on Saturday

Special run for Porsche 550, Ferrari- and Maserati-Barchettas, Jaguar C-Type, XK, Lotus LeMans, Austin Healey, Lister Jaguar, Tojeiros etc. on Friday evening as a race on the Grand Prix circuit and on Saturday as a demo run on the full circuit including the Nordschleife – such an ultimate chance.

Grand Prix Paddock

Paddock and the modern pit areas in the Grand Prix paddock with all garages are available.

Historic paddock from 1927

The racing sports cars and legend cars of the "1000km Revival Sprint" - i.e. Ferraris, Porsches, Maseratis, Jaguars, Lotus, etc. from the early years – will have their most authentic paddock in the historic paddock.

Gentlemen start your engines!


Secure your inscription for participation

International participants, grids from Europa and overseas as well as teams from Germany eagerly awaiting the challenging revival of the "ADAC 1000 kilometer race".

Real racers do it! - It is the „opportunityof a lifetime“ to drive the absolute endurance classic as a historic motorsport race again. Put it on your bucket-list and do it!

The entry platform is open now!

Porsche beim 1000km Rennen Nürburgring 1974

Inscription and General Conditions

Porsche 911 RSR

1000 km Race

The preliminary inscription* and the list of eligible cars for the 1000 km race.

Jaguar D-Type 12

1000 km Revival Sprint

The preliminary inscription* and the list of eligible cars for the 1000 km revival sprint.

*subject to approval by the DMSB

ADAC 1000km Rennen Nürburgring 1955

The "ADAC 1000 km Race" is designed as a thoroughbred racing event on the entire Nürburgring circuit with both tracks.

Participants with very historical "1000 km race" classics, which today are no longer in conformity with the Nordschleife or the overall course (due to chassis structureand safety features – mostly open-top sports cars from the 50s and 60s) , start in a sprint race / evening race (Revival Sprint) on Friday evening on the Grand Prix circuit and will additionally drive memorable demo laps on Saturday morning on the Nordschleife.


Highlights for fans

All grandstands will be open for the 1000 kilometer race and also will the very cult and traditionally popular spectator areas at the Nordschleife.

Boxenstopp beim 1000 Kilometer Rennen Nürburgring 1953

It is our job – with great pleasure – to let an authentic return of this long-distance classic race happen as close to the public and visitors as possible.

Shortly we will publish the ticket conditions for the 2021 access here. From October 2020 the advance-ticket-sale will start here as well. Tickets for the "ADAC-1000 Kilometer Race" will only be available in advance - but include access to all the well-known Nordschleife spectators- and fan-areas.

We are looking forward with you to this classic motorsport-summit!


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Organization and implementation of the revival:

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