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1000km - 1000 Stories

The 1000 kilometers

Returning to the unique competition!

Every 1000 kilometre race at the Nürburgring made history and created driving legends.

Ford GT beim 1000km Rennen Nürburgring 1964

Every edition in the long history of the 1000 kilometre races saw heroes and victories – made history!

Write your history!


We provide a preliminary schedule here – so it's easy to plan your race-weekend.

1000 km distance - Maximum 210 race cars – Race & Practice on Saturday

Divided into 2 starting groups.
At least 2 drivers must be named, up to 4 drivers can inscripe per vehicle.

1000km Rennsportwagen Revival -
Race on Friday and Demo-Laps on Saturday

Special run for Porsche 550, Ferrari- and Maserati-Barchettas, Jaguar C-Type, XK, Lotus LeMans, Austin Healey, Lister Jaguar, Tojeiros etc. on Friday evening as a race on the Grand Prix circuit and on Saturday as a demo run on the full circuit including the Nordschleife – such an ultimate chance.

Motorsport Weekend

Brand clubs have the opportunity to book slots for Sunday to drive their cars around the Grand Prix circuit in an experience run.

Grand Prix Paddock

Paddock and the modern pit areas in the Grand Prix paddock with all garages are available.

Gentlemen start your engines!