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Permit C course on Friday before the race

A note to the participants of the ADAC 1000 km race on Saturday, 21.09.2024: If you do not have the (DPN) DMSB Nordschleifen Permit C for the Nordschleife, which is required in addition to the racing licence, you can take the short course on Friday, 20 September 2024 on site. Small note: In recent years, every participant has passed the course.

extended briefing instead of a training course in future?

The DPN - C has been required by the national sporting authorities for years in order to convey the special features of the Nordschleife to the participants. The organisers want the special features specific to the Nordschleife to be communicated by the organisers in an extended briefing in future. We are campaigning for this.

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