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Matra Djet 1967

Dutchman David van Lennep is the driving force behind the entry of three Matra Djet 5S in the 1967 1000 km race, the most elaborate of all the entries of this small GT car that year.

Joe Buzzetta

Wie muss sich Joe Buzzetta wohl auf dem Siegerpodium des 1000 km Rennens 1967 gefühlt haben? Wahrscheinlich konnte er sein Glück nicht fassen, denn gerechnet hat er damit garantiert nicht.

Noël Cunningham-Reid

It's been a long time since a man named Cunningham-Reid made history at the Nürburgring. We have to go back to May 26, 1957, to come across this event.

John Surtees

"Big John," as Surtees liked to be called, was a regular at the Nürburgring from the late 1950s until well into the 1970s. And he was successful, very successful indeed.

The 70s and 80s

The first two years of the 1970s are still dominated by Porsche. At the Nürburgring, the 908 in its most current version is unbeatable.

1960 to 1969 - The glory days

The period of the 1960s can confidently be called the "golden age" of the 1000 kilometer race. The crowd of spectators is enormous, the number of participating vehicles reaches record levels.

1953 to 1959 - the early years

From the very beginning, the 1000 kilometer race has been part of the newly born Sports Car World Championship. The ADAC, as the organizer, applies to the FIA, the automobile world association, for an endurance race in Germany.