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Historic Porsche Racecar on Green Fuel

Greener then ever in the Green Hell!

As an absolute premiere in a historic endurance race, the "Green Mobility Future" Institute for Alternative Fuels will be using bio-fuel as a high-performance fuel for several race teams and a large proportion of the track and orga vehicles in the ADAC 1000km race on September 18, 2021.

With the significantly CO²-reduced E20 - Bio-Fuel, two racing teams in the starting field of the revival of the endurance classic at the Nürburgring in the "Green Hell" are also deliberately using green - or more correctly "alternative fuel".

Mustang mit E20 – Bio-Fuel

With CO²-reduced E20 into the 1000km race

With their Ford Mustang, Bob Kellen and Joel Prim from Luxembourg come together with Donny Wagner from Germany to the start. Start number #104 leads the team into the race over 38 laps and 6 hours 50.

The legendary Kremer racing team from Cologne - Kremer Racing - brings the 911 RS from 1976 with a weight of about 1,000kg, almost 3 liters of displacement and 320 hp into the fray on the Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife.

So it's not just the die-hard Porsche Kremer fans who should make a note of start number #122.

Porsche mit E20 – Bio-Fuel

Also routes and organization vehicles with bio-fuel

The pace cars, safety cars and many of the organizational vehicles in the ADAC 1000km race are also fueled with E20 bio-fuel and thus perform their duties at and on the race track in a more environmentally friendly manner than usual.

The Green Mobility Future institute has been operating an "innovation center" at the Nürburgring since the beginning of the year, looks after the topics of bio-economy and alternative fuel, and is a communication driver around the topic of "green = non-fossil fuels". In its active role as a Connecting Partner, Green Mobility Future brings together the race teams and the technology partners in the case of the 1000km race. The high-performance fuel E-20 comes from CropEnergies (a member of the Südzucker Group), and the technical support and expertise comes from Bosch as part of the Sustainable Mobility Strategy.

Green Mobility Fuuture

For publicity and exhibition purposes, for questions and information on the subject of "alternative fuels", Green Mobility Future is bringing a Porsche 911 ST designed in the psychedelic Porsche look of the seventies to the ring. A racing car with an old story to tell - fueled with forward-looking fuel - at the same time a new story: Old combustion technology can be operated with E20 - later also E40 or E60. Fuels that are more climate-neutral than those currently on the market can already be used as high-performance, anti-knock fuels in almost all areas of application.

Green Mobility Fuuture E-Fuels

Green Mobility Future is committed to the extensive testing, trialing, certification and approval of these fuels. An important step is that this alternative also reaches the awareness of the citizens, becomes more known and is established as a good prerequisite for decarbonization.

More about the activities of Green Mobility Future is available on the website and in the Fuelblog of the institute at nachzulesen.