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ONS vehicles are coming!

Exactly you belong to a 1000 km Revival! At least as important as the race starters are the track vehicles. At a revival of a racing classic like the 1000 km race, as many old ONS vehicles must be there as possible!

Almost everyone remembers how the ONS squadrons with their distinctive lead cars and intervention cars - often with legendary drivers...not just legendary brand models - were part of the picture of starting lineups, introductory laps and races.


VW-Porsche 914, Porsche 911 and Porsche 928

In the 1000 km race in 2021, three special vehicles will again take the important shots on the starting grid and the formation lap.

The O.N.S. Porsche 914 - just like the Porsche 928 - has a very special history: In the 1980s, RECARO provided the 928 to the safety squad of the Supreme National Sports Commission (O.N.S.) for track safety at motorsport events. Today, the car is back in its original condition, including the original recovery tool as it was used on the race track back then. 

The O.N.S. Porsche 914/6 GT, which RECARO provided to O.N.S. a few years earlier, is a piece that is also very special: it is the first racetrack safety vehicle in international motorsport.

"Every point on the race track must be reached within 30 seconds," race driver Herbert Linge once said. In the 1960s, that was anything but a matter of course. That changed in 1972, when Recaro handed over the O.N.S. Porsche 914/6 GT to the safety squadron of the Supreme National Sports Commission (O.N.S.).

At that time, Porsche had built a total of only twelve works cars of this type for professional motorsport. 

In 1972, this Porsche came into hot use as the "R-car" or "fastest fire engine in the world": The Porsche was equipped by RECARO with various safety systems and a fire extinguishing system to provide immediate support at the race track for the recovery and first aid of injured race drivers. The 914/6 is also a guest at the 1000 km race and can be admired as a "red racer" in its original O.N.S. condition.

The 1000 km race thus brings a lot of atmosphere and mood back to its place of origin, where it began its eventful (racing) history in 1953.

From now on all ticket categories for the 1000 km race 2021 are available