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Air-cooled Porsche on the Nürburgring circuit

Porsche, a true legend of the automotive world, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and this can also be felt at the ADAC 1000 km race. 

In Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, the home of Porsche, where the legendary Porsche 911 is still manufactured today, there was a fantastic atmosphere for celebrating, and there were thrilling events and performances at the Hockenheimring and the 24h race in Le Mans. Of course, the Nürburgring should not be left out of the list.

A unique experience for Porsche drivers

On 16.09.2023, between the intensive training and the top-class ADAC 1000km race, the proud owners of road-legal air-cooled Porsches will be given a unique opportunity to drive the entire Nürburgring circuit for 60 minutes on a brand-neutral basis. That means it's not just over the world-famous Grand Prix circuit, but also over the challenging Nordschleife in its special VLN variant. It is a unique experience that drivers can enjoy with their Porsche sports car on this legendary race track.

With every turn, every braking point and every acceleration, the drivers get to enjoy the unmistakable driving dynamics and precise handling of their air-cooled Porsches. The characteristic rumble of the exhausts, on the other hand, will make the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts beat faster in particular, who will populate the grandstands, the pit roof as well as the well-known spectator areas along the Nordschleife.

Porsche Experience combined racetrack

The entry fee is €250.00 and includes, in addition to the 60 minutes of track time, a sort paddock in the Grand Prix paddock.

Entries can also be made at the following clubs.

Zuffenhausen sports car on the race track

The Nordschleife, the "Green Hell", presents a real challenge. Drivers can put their skills and the performance of their Porsche vehicles to the test as they bravely take on the track's fast corners and demanding sections. Every metre of this legendary race track is an intense interaction between the driver, his Porsche and the track itself.

Air-cooled Porsches, a symbol of pure performance and elegance, come to life on this unique track, recalling the brand's glorious history in motorsport.

For the participants of this exclusive experience, it will be a time they will never forget. They will feel the Porsche DNA that is in every detail of their cars and the Zuffenhausen spirit that drives them. The Porsche myth will continue to be written on the race track on this day, while the drivers leave their own stories on the asphalt and carry on the brand's legacy.

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