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Gentlemen-Drivers trophies in both races

Very special trophies will be awarded in both the Revival Sprint on Friday and the ADAC 1000km race on Saturday at the Nürburgring.

Together with the Motor Klassik from Stuttgart and the auto motor und sport, which celebrates its proud 75th anniversary in 2021, the organizers of the 1000km race will honor the best gentleman driver in each of the starting fields on Friday and Saturday.

Memories of the good old times

After all, the new edition of the absolute endurance classic at the Nürburgring is reminiscent of the old days, of the beginnings of the legendary ADAC 1000km race since 1953.

Back then, aviator goggles and half-shell helmets, Suixtil polo shirts and canvas pants or Dunlop racing overalls and leather driving gloves were still the top gear for racing heroes.

1000km ...also at that time over the entire course... even still with the south turn driven out... were the measure of all things. It was about durability of man and machine. And only the 24-hour classic at the Sarthe in LeMans or the 9 hours of SPA had perhaps even more melodious titles.

However, all national and international drivers found their "master" in the legendary Green Hell - the Nordschleife - because this Eifel circuit remained and remains incomparable.

Historic trophies for a historic race

The editors of the two magazines from the Motor Presse in Stuttgart, founded at the time by racing driver Paul Pietsch, and the organization management of the 1000km award in each case in the context of the award ceremonies appropriate to the place and occasion of course old historical silver cups to a special team from the Friday race and one from the Saturday race.

The gentlemanly attitude of the teams will be honored, the sporting competition in a fair duel on the track and, of course, also with which historic motorsport racing car the 1000km and the Revival Sprint were taken "under the wheels".

The two goblets have truly curatorial specialists in various countries in Europe specifically sought antique dealers and fortunately found.

At 37cm and 48cm high, silver-plated (freshly refurbished, of course) and on contemporary wooden bases, the two winners' trophies from years gone by are a delightful throwback to the "good old days in motosports and racing".

Look forward with us to beautiful historical moments in the great revival at the Ring!