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Coblor becomes official timing partner

When the soon to be 100-year-old racing history of the Nürburgring meets consummate, top-class Swiss watchmaking, it is a first in the watch industry. The asphalt watch from Coblor with original racetrack asphalt from the legendary Eifel circuit is a world premiere and a highlight for every racing fan and watch enthusiast.

For the first time, in a limited edition, a piece of original racing history can be worn up close. We are delighted to have found a timing partner in Coblor that could hardly be more fitting for a traditional racing event like the 1000km Nürburgring.

The asphalt clock with original racetrack asphalt

In order to do justice to the real and historic racetrack asphalt in its value, Coblor has made no compromises on quality in the manufacture of the watch.

The highest quality materials such as titanium (grade 5), sapphire, ceramic and natural rubber are used. The watch is produced exclusively in the historic Swiss watchmaking town of La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Detailed information on the product and manufacturer, as well as the opportunity to secure one of the limited Asphalt watches, can be found on the Coblor website.