Starter lists and schedule for all!

The lists of all participating teams - as of September 10, 2021 - have now been finalized as far as the race office can report. Almost 100 teams will be taking to the track in the Revival Sprint on Friday and the 1000km race on Saturday.

The 1000km Revival Sprint will run on Friday, September 17 on the Grand Prix circuit. The 1000km race will first run qualifying/training on Saturday morning and then the race on the overall circuit (Nordschleife and Grand Prix circuit) from midday.

historisches Fahrerlager Nürburgring

Also all final times are now published.

Access to the grandstands, the pit roof and the paddock are all included in just one "1000km Race Ticket". The first time after the beginning of the C-19 restrictions that the paddock at the Nürburgring is open again for all visitors and fans. The teams of the starters and the organization team of the 1000km race are very happy about this ! (even if there are rules to follow !)

An even larger field of participants would have made us enormously happy - but we are still in times of greater travel restrictions for the international participant teams from Scandinavia, Benelux and Great Britain, and for many teams the 2021 season was incredibly difficult to plan. 

Strahlende Sieger: Udo Schütz und Joe Buzzetta auf dem Podium - Foto: Jacques Bellemans

Real Racers – Welcome!

With "real racers do it" - we have advertised the 1000km race and "real racers" are now coming to compete for almost 7 hours and almost 40 laps in the tough competition to cover the legendary distance of 1000km in the traditional race.

This is a real endurance race! Simply incomparable!

Tickets are sold in advance online - there are also ticket purchase options on site.